Wow!  My long list of computer issues was resolved with the excellent teaching and explanations from Jen.  Coordinating functions and passwords from iphone to iPad to Macbook were dealt with promptly, with user practice as well.  I would definitely recommend Jennifer Androes for any computer problems.  She is highly professional and a gem! Katherine M, Canada/Maui


When I got my real estate license and was told a professional website was a MUST, I had absolutely no clue where to begin. Jen was referred to me by one of the most successful real estate agents on the island, who told me “If you want something unique and original, you should talk to her”, and I am very happy that I did. She has listened to me very carefully about how I wanted my website to be, made good suggestions and started a professional site for me, still in working progress to be expanded.  She made the process all hassle-free for me and working with her has been so much fun that I always look forward to our appointments and learning something new. If you are looking for someone who is friendly, flexible and able to translate all those “tech” words into human language, call her today! Aiko, Maui


Personality (energy) matters. This became clear to me working on-line. My original coach is a geek and didn’t have much time for my lack of computer skills. He left me feeling frustrated and inadequate as though these skills were so complicated I’d never learn them. When I called Jennifer, I learned so much in so little time I was amazed that I could get around on the computer so easily. I felt supported therefore I could, and when I forgot a step I felt confident enough to try until I got it right. You can learn communication skills, you can polish your presentation but in the end it’s your personality (the energy we emit to others) that matters. Deborah C, Maui


Computer Gal to Go was patient, encouraging and very clear in her explanations. I highly recommend her! Cooper N, Montana


The Computer Gal is thorough, understandable, easy to communicate with, never talked in computerese nor talked down to me. Many times, she was able to help me over the phone or thru emails as she kept instructions simple. If she did have to come out to our house, she was efficient in her time and mine, yet available to answer questions &/or show me how to do it. I would highly recommend Jennifer. Nell R, Mississippi